"Have you seen Mystic Falls?”


"Not really. How bad can it really be though?"

   ”Have you been paying any attention?”

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anonymous asked: damon’s camaro or elena’s diary




           You’re such a buzzkill.


     Okay —— I’ll play along.
      What exactly would we be doing with the pit? 

           Making items lead to it.

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Anonymous - share it

—I’d rather not. It’s more a private type deal thing.

One of my sisters just brought my blueberry muffins and milk.
I knew there was a reason she was my favorite.
Okay, I have to go take some quizzes, then I’m going to try
and get some replies done. Probably will queue them.

Anonymous - lmafo no mean why do you feel like that?

Oh thank goodness. I’ve been dealing with bilingual children all day and like explaining concepts gets old quick. “What do you mean it’s raining cats and dogs??? HOW DOES IT RAIN CATS AND DOGS??” 

It’s a long story and I’m probably being over dramatic about it to be honest.

Anonymous - how?

Wait are you being serious or do you not know the knife if your back expression? 

finger on throat means death