He absently continues to stroke her fur. Long brushes of his fingers through her coat before scratching between her ears, then brushes now the bridge of her snout.

Damon snorted at the response he received, but he had to smirk a bit at the same time.

"I guess that’s for me to know and you not to find out.
Seeing as I don’t see you shifting to human form to 
play fetch with me that way.”


I do not like the way you look at me when I wear the skin of man. A long pause. You look at me like I look at them, and they are food.

By tone, it did not seem to bother her, though the idea made her uneasy. By rights, she figured she could likely eat him before he tried the same, though she was reluctant to do so. Who would ever play such a compelling game of fetch?

She closed her eye and let him rub down her snout,  before licking his fingers with black tongue.  A nudge with her foot has her favorite fetch item rolling to his feet.

Throw it?

Damon wasn’t sure if he should be chastised or amused. Either way his lips quirked downward as he mentally acknowledged it to be true. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen beings shift from animal to human form and back before.

Though, he wasn’t sure if he’d be comfortable eating from something that he knew typically was covered in fur and eating dead things. Maybe that was his neat freak side, maybe it was something else.

He continued to stroke the black fur before glancing down at the toy. With a muffled grunt he bent to snag it and toss it away from them.


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'Okay, it's over-then let's get wasted and not give a shit about our lives-world sucks, yours probably sucks balls, mine sucks worse, let's just get white girl wasted and forget it.”

"For starters my life is great. I do what I want when I want and I’m immortal. Second, that sounds like a terrible idea.”



( damon salvatore )


     Damn and here I was hoping that maybe,
      just maybe, I could have a good run and 
      beat the odds. Yanno like Hunger Games
      last man standing kind of style. Yes, you
      have to sing She’s My Cherry Pie at my
      funeral or I will come back and haunt you.


       If you play your cards right, maybe. But let’s be
          honest here, Damon —— when do you ever play
          your cards right? Unless you’re cheating. Then
          again, you’ve managed to cheat death so far,
          so who knows.

    ❝Exactly. Somehow, I’m still alive in the rough
     sense of the word. Which means that I’ve been
     able to cheat final death. And with nearling on
     two centuries I’m thinking I’m actually pretty
     good with playing my cards right.

"I remember
who I used to be
before I became who I had to be
to survive."




"I’m not drunk enough for rhetoricals yet."


"Fair enough. Another bottle, then."

"Way ahead of you. Though, I may have to cut you off soon."




          Didn’t your parents ever tell you
           that wandering about in the dark
           isn’t safe? Damon hummed as 
           he seemed to meld out of the 
           shadows. What are you doing
           out so late, Red?


❝I’ve live here enough to know that
  —-didn’t expect to find you here pretty boy.
 What are you doing?, in search for food or?
 I have no idea how I ended up here Damon,
 the usual.❞

❝Seriously? You think I’d be so stupid
to announce myself as a vampire in a
town full of werewolves, Lydia? I’m old,
but I’m sure as hell not senile.




"I know, right? Women today, just no substance."

Claire rolled her eyes. “Whatever. What do you want?”


 ”You’re the one that showed up on my doorstep.”

                                                          { what is he? }

                                               a          l o n e l y          s o u l
                                               searching    for    memories
                                               long                          forgotten

                                               an            empty             shell
                                               in a     d e c a y i n g     world
                                               looking for something more

                                               a    p   a   s   s   e   n   g   e   r
                                               on                 a                 plane
                                               that    will    never    take    off

                                               a           hollow           skeleton
                                               with   bones    made   out   of
                                               rotting                         stardust

                                                a mind made up of galaxies
                                               hidden    behind    a     mask
                                               of   death    and    destruction