❝This is my “you’re being a dick” face.❞

     ◌ I have just over 8 years roleplaying experience.
     ◌ I have a canon verse, but I adore AUs.
     ◌ I am multi-ship, multi-verse.
     ◌ I usually use Icons but gifs/no media are also awesome.
     ◌ I love all kinds of roleplay, chat, novella, anything.
     ◌ I love nothing more than a well-developed OC.
     ◌ I love plotting!
     ◌ I have a Skype.
     ◌ Mun is 19+, but does not smut.

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Katherine Pierce || Vampire || AU!Canon + AU

                  ❝I’m K a t h e r i n e P i e r c e ;
                                      ——I always survive.

                        I’m { hell on h e e l s } ; say what you will
               I done made the devil a deal ——- he made me pretty
            he made me smart —— I’m gonna break me a million hearts
                              baby I’m coming for { y o u }

We haven't met ; I'm Katherine

   ♔Independent Katherine Pierce Account
   ♔Has been roleplaying for a little over three years.
   ♔Multi-verse + multi-universe. Loves AUs of all sorts.
   ♔AU!Canon plot is Katherine is dragged out of hell by Markos.
   ♔Mun is over 21+, nsfw and triggers will be tagged.
   ♔Ships Katherine with chemistry, Datherine, Kenzo, and Kalijah.
   ♔Uses icons, and gifs. Also does para, novella, gif chats, and texts.
   ♔ I love plotting, I don’t bite, Katherine does.
   ♔ I have Skype, AIM, + KIK. Just ask for it! Mun is super-friendly!
   ♔Open to roleplaying with any fandom, always looking for new roleplay partners.

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❈—Indie Hayley Marshall RP account

❈— Mun & muse are 21+ nsfw may occur but always tagged

❈—Always open for plotting

❈—OC friendly


❈—Gif/Icon/Icon gif — all used here

❈—Writing style will always match my partners.

❈—Looking for more rp partners

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I’m posting this today as I’m not going to allow myself online on Sunday because I need to spend time with my God. It’s the day His promise was fulfilled and I owe Him my utmost attention. I’m posting this because without Christ I would not be here. Without His grace I would be nothing and it’s because of who He is that I am who I am and for this I am not ashamed.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”
      - Romans 1:16

Listed below are the songs that help me through my darkest points and keep my going even when He feels far away. They help me remember that ‘that which others plan for evil God uses for good’. Tumblr is a place where we’re supposed to be able to talk about our beliefs and convictions and help each other through our struggles. I’ve met some wonderful people here and I’ve met some bad ones. But, I love you more than I could ever possibly say and Jesus died in order to save you before you were even born.

Happy Easter.

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                                     He had become a wolf, more of a true wolf
                                         than any normal werewolf could be,
                                            governed by the simplest of I N S T I N C T S,
                                                 the need to hunt for food,
                                                       to defend his territory,
                                                           and to protect his family.
                                                                                                   Elena Michaels - { B i t t e n }

Clayton Danvers Indie Rp / Ask blog

                         ☾ —— Well versed in both show and books canon. 
                         ☾ —— Crossovers encouraged
                         ☾ —— An extremely nsfw blog / but attempts to tag accordingly
                         ☾ —— OC friendly ( but reserves the right to say no )
                         ☾ —— Multiverse / SingleShip
                         ☾ —— Active in the #RenewBitten campaign 
                         ☾ —— Any writing length, will often go with flow of partner.
                         ☾ —— All versions of media rp accepted ( Gifs, Icons so on and so forth)

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I’m going to get food and then skip to this blog, continue liveblogging Supernatural on this blog, and then probably crash for the night.

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omg leah hi

Hello Ebony.

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